Video crowdfund campaign: Overlijdensberichten

Last september I visited Lotte and Ophelia (Oph) – pictured above – because Lotte asked me to help her with the video for her crowdfund campaign. She is publishing a book about dealing with death and grief.

In 2018 Lotte and Oph were part of my graduation project on living with animal companions and its (beneficial) effects on mental health. But while I was working on my project, something else unfolded and I realized I was also witnessing a different process.

While we worked on my film, Lotte sometimes told me about her relationship with her boyfriend Michiel and now and then she talked about how they dealt with his sickness. I think little did she, let alone I, know that the situation would change so fast over the months to come. Michiel passed away in the summer of 2018.

Lotte is now publishing a book with writings from the diary she kept during the last weeks of her boyfriend’s life, accompanied by her own illustrations. The book is done, with her text and illustrations, but she needs support for the design and printing. You can find the campaign here.

Her book, Overlijdensberichten, deals with death and grief. Lotte’s goal is to make those topics less taboo and easier to talk about, because the way she and Michiel dealt with it so openly, helped her in her grief.

I was happy to work with her again, and felt honored to make the video. The way Lotte talks about this topic is admirable, and I think her book will both be personal and inspiring in the grander scheme of things.

Lotte is an illustrator who amongst other things designs her own pins and prints, you can follow her on Instagram or check out her Etsy.

Quick exciting update and reminiscing summer 2k19

An update! It’s been a while, so first of all I really want to give you a brief summary of what is going on at this moment. I’ll give you today’s update in bullet points for the sake of quickness. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact form me.

  • I have been editing some episodes of a YouTube web series for a new client and am excited to show it to you soon, most probably at the start of September.
  • One of my portraits will be printed and on show at an exhibition on rhetorics at the Taalmuseum in Leiden, at the start of September.
  • …and last but not least: I will have an exhibition of my series Two Months That Stuck at the end of September. The opening date will be the 26th of September, and of course, I will absolutely not spam you about the date and the exact timing of the event on Instagram, nor here.

Alright. Summer 2019.

My website lived through some changes, and with it will also come more frequent updates on my projects and progress. Yet at what feels like the end of this summer, I just want to share some photos of the week I spent with friends in Italy last June.

This series of pictures was taken with an analogue Canon AV-1 camera that I recently rediscovered at my parents’ place. I wanted to spend some more time with analogue photography and this vacation seemed like a good opportunity to do so. Tuscany has great colors amongst other great, more edible, things.

As far as sightseeing goes, we spent the better part of a day wandering around Siena. I visited Siena before with my parents, but wandering around by myself – one of my favorite activities – I discovered some places around the city center I’m sure I hadn’t seen before.

At the Duomo people gathered mostly in the shade to admire the building, or bought a ticket and quickly went inside. Most braved the sun only to take some obligatory pictures to prove their visit.

…But really, I’d be lying if I told you we were out and active all the time.

The rest of my summer has been mostly work, but this week of relaxation and catching up was a good energizer. Looking back at the pictures I feel like I can channel that energy for the things that September (and after) will bring.

Memories of Cuba

From October until December 2015, I traveled through Cuba. I put some of my many (!) photos of the trip into the squared instagram format because I was planning to make it a series. Once I got back to the Netherlands I printed about 50 of these photos to put them in an album. Not knowing what to do with it yet, I let them lie around for a while. A couple of weeks later they were somehow all stuck together, and a year later, the harddisk with virtual copies crashed. I am so happy I was able to save most files, but I still wanted to see what happened when I’d try to save the printed versions… so is this what memories look like?

[foogallery id=”345″]