Opties Anne
Photos by Maan Limburg

Hi! I’m Anne Posthuma. I’m a documentary filmmaker, video-editor and photographer. I’m based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I’ve always looked at the world with wonder and, similarly, had an urge to share my observations. When I was a teenager, all that got channeled into a creatively designed blog. Now, I make imagery, still and moving.

I like to say that I take an in-depth approach to video making. I majored in politics at a liberal arts & sciences college, where I picked up a camera and took some photography courses. During my internship at a great documentary TV program I learned how to film & edit video, which is what made me do a master’s degree in visual ethnography (cultural anthropology). I combined my broad interest in culture and people with filmmaking. A perfect match if you ask me.

With moving images I’m looking for something still, a reflective quality. In my still images I’m looking to move something in you by giving you time to take a closer look.

I care about curiosity, authenticity, and kindness because it’s the perfect breeding ground for creativity. So that’s what I want working with me to feel like: an honest, no-stress, and joyful creative collaboration. Want that too? Let’s talk!

I'd love to meet you. Ask me your question, or just say hi!


Foxity Films
DPG Media
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
International Literature Festival
Utrecht (ILFU)
Mirjam Debets
Uitgeverij Spectrum | Unieboek


Adobe Creative Cloud
(Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Lightroom), Davinci Resolve


Creativity, intersectional feminism, mental health questions, education & learning, social justice, rollerskating, literature, lifestyle, DIY projects, plants, learning how to sail.


Experience with: BlackMagic sets, Sony FS5/7 & FX3, Fujifilm XT3. 

Audio gear includes a Zoom H6, lavalier mics, shotgun mic

Gimbal & tripod, interview lamp setup.