Photos by Maan Limburg

Hi! I’m Anne, a filmmaker, camera person, video-editor and photographer based in Amsterdam.

Those are many things, and I love it. I apply different skills according to what’s needed for a production. 

It started with photography. I took up a camera when I was studying political science. My camera made me more aware of my surroundings, and I still love to get out of my head and train my sense of wonder this way. Shortly after, I learned filming and video-editing during an internship and fell in love. 

I decided to combine my study interests and desire to film, and graduated as a visual anthropologist with a documentary on emotional support animals – or therapeutic relationships between people and their animal companions. 

After graduation, I worked at a Dutch national broadcaster (KRO-NCRV) as a video-editor for their YouTube channels, before deciding to become an independent maker. 

Now I help others create (their) stories: individuals, cultural or social organisations, small businesses, broadcasters and production companies. 

I'd love to meet you. Ask me your question, or just say hi!


Foxity Films
DPG Media
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
International Literature Festival
Utrecht (ILFU)
Mirjam Debets
Uitgeverij Spectrum | Unieboek


Adobe Creative Cloud
(Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Lightroom)


Creativity, intersectional feminism, mental health questions, education & learning, social justice, rollerskating, literature, lifestyle, DIY projects, plants, learning how to sail.


Experience with: BlackMagic sets, Sony FS5/7 & FX3, Fujifilm XT3. 

Audio gear includes a Zoom H6, lavalier mic, shotgun mic

Gimbal & tripod, interview lamp setup.