What is the role of a city zoo? There is more behind ARTIS than meets the eye, and no better time to ask questions than when the zoo is renewing both its physical appearance and its philosophy. While we are strolling past an edible garden and through open animal stays, Erik de Jong (advisor for Artis and professor of Culture, Landscape and Nature at the University of Amsterdam) tells us about the philosophy he envisions for ARTIS; an holistic approach that addresses the debatable binary of human/nature. A zoo that is not thought to be only for children yet should encourage childlike imagination – a city zoo for inspiration and reconnection.

Verschenen in het juli/augustus 2019 nummer van Babel Magazine, de tekst is hier online te lezen.

Some pictures were published with an article in the July/August 2019 edition of Babel Magazine, text (Dutch) can also be found here.